Thank you! Cosmo and his classmates had a fantastic time on their trip, thanks for giving such an inspiring experience.
Tucson Waldorf School, Spring 2017

Maureen BZap

I hear the Bright Water School trip was a resounding success! My daughter, Leina, had a fabulous time and really loved the counselors. Thanks!

Bright Water School, Seattle, WA


2016 is the 13th year running we've led a trip for Miller Creek School!   –  Jim, Executive Director of LIfeschool

Hi Jim, Tova, Ari and Jess,
Thanks for arranging and leading such a great backpacking trip for my students! This was the first time we've done a trip without a layover day, and it was the most mileage we've covered (20+) miles. We lucked out with the weather which was perfect the entire time. Ari and Jess were excellent leaders. They did a great job balancing fun, safety and outdoor skills.
    Mike Schulist
    Miller Creek School
    San Rafael, California
    July 2016

Hi, Just wanted to follow up with a note of appreciation. My son had a fantastic time. The leaders were great and he learned a lot about the wilderness and about himself.

As a 13-year-old boy, he's not usually forthcoming with information, but when he got home, we got a detailed play-by-play. Awesome. Thank you all so much."

– Colin McRae, Dad, August 2014.

Dear Jim,

Thank you so much for your email, and for creating such a fantastic trip for our class! My daughter, Rachael, had an incredible time...she loved the experience with her class, teacher, and guides.

She loved having Cori and Ryan as the guides for the trip; she shared about how wonderful they both were. She loved their knowledge about nature (and seemed to especially share that bond with Cori), and said she learned so much about nature, kayaking, and even mountain biking which she wasn't so sure about trying, but was glad she did. She enjoyed the campfires and fact, there wasn't one thing she didn't glow about (except the bug bites!).

Thank you all so much. This was a powerful trip for this class, and it couldn't have happened without all of your countless hours of preparation, thoughtfulness, and care.

With tremendous gratitude,

– Tamara Goldsmith (mom)
Marin Waldorf School, June 2014

Hi Jim,
Thank you! I am so impressed by LifeSchool.

I wanted to tell you that the particular team of guides that worked with us was exceptional!! (Jenny, Jake, Katie, Jessica & M.K.) Each one of them consistently went above and beyond what was necessary for putting the trip on. They were organized, prepared, safe and logistically everything was very together, but they offered so much more! They all individually made extra effort to get to know each student and not only that but made an effort to challenge each student in unique ways.

Not only was the trip beautiful, fun and memorable -it was meaningful. Each night we had wonderful processing / circle times which really went deep, but in a creative and accessible way.

I continue to be impressed by the high quality, professional and caring approach that LifeSchool puts into their work. You are truly a model of excellence in Outdoor Education. Thank you for all that you do and for making a difference in so many individuals. I will continue to highly recommend you for all 8th grade trips at YRCS.

Thank you,

– Ron Charles,Teacher
Yuba River Charter, Nevada City, CA
May 2014

    Tuscon Waldorf School

Thank you Go Adventure, My son had a blast and he will remember this adventure forever. I will recommend your services to all I know. Nice day to all and thank you so very much for caring.

– Monyka Salazar, mom
Tucson Waldorf School
May 2014

   Whidbey Island Walforf School
   Whidbey Island, Washington

Dear Jim,

Thank you for providing our 8th graders with spectacular time! My son had a great time (in Utah). Thank you again for all of your hard work and care about our students!

– Rumi Keast, parent
Whidbey Island Waldorf School
May 2014

   SunRidge Charter
   Sebastopol, California

Hey Jim,
Sounds like another very successful trip. Thanks! Andy had a great time!!! They loved the instructors again!!!


Becky Brumme (mom)
SunRidge Charter
Sebastopol, CA

Many THANKS to Meghan, Jessica, Gavin and Sam for hosting (and enduring) the BWS 8th grade class trip from Seattle…My daughter thought it (the Eastern Sierra Adventure, May, 2013) was absolutely fantastic. She cannot say enough good about the whole experience…even seems to have appreciated the stunning beauty of that part of the world. Good to have her home happy. nbsp; Regards, Sharon Royal.

First...I would like to say THANK Jim, Tova, Sam and Joe for a great trip! The picture slide show was awesome and made me cry!!! Loved it :) My daughter, Olivia, had a great time and will always remember this trip...forever! son wishes to go on your surf adventure...he will be in 6th grade next year so I have a few years to talk with his teacher!" - Andrea Gregory

Our son, Yuki Moore (Novato Charter School) had a great trip in Eastern Sierra. Thank you so much for providing such a fun time with great camp leaders. Thank you so very much again!! – Yoko Moore, June 2013

Teacher Evalution Form: Sonoma Country Day School
September 12 - 14, 2012
Pt. Reyes Trip

. . .Repeatedly heard about how much fun they were having. Heather and Christa absolutely rocked this trip! Fun, safe, great teachers; everybody had a great time, thanks to their expertise and leadership abilities.

The girls didn't want to go home, so that is the definition of success! And hopefully we will continue to see the poistive group dynamics that went on all week.

Kelly Schmidt   

Salt Point Adventure, June 2012

Thanks Jim,
The team all said they had a fabulous time and really appreciated how organized and well-facilitated the trip was. They also appreciated how grounded and present your staff were. Fun was had and greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing the photos! What a beautiful weekend to have gotten to explore and be outdoors.Thank you for your efforts and dedication!

Amy Chevrolet, LCSW
St. Joseph Health System
Manager, Healthy Communities

Hi Jim,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity of having Circle of Sisters go on the camping trip. All the girls had a great time and we shared a lot of awesome experiences, stories, and had lots of fun!
Thank you again for all the hard work and I appreciate all your support as well as it helped me to stress out less!

Aimee Kisaichi, Event Coordinator
Circle of Sisters
St. Joseph Health System- Sonoma County

Monterey Bay Independent Charter's 4th Lifeschool Endeavor
Klamath River, Mount Shasta Adventure
May 30 - June 3, 2012

Dear Jim,
I just want to thank you for an amazing experience. Most of my students said it was the best week of their lives.


Channel Islands
Hi Jim, I just wanted to tell you again what a great experience this week was (of course!). The more I think about the trip, the more awesome it becomes. I so appreciate what you've created, and what an amazing job you and your team do to create such a unique, formative experience for the kids. I can't wait to do it again in a few years.
  All the best, Krista Clarke, 8th grade Teacher, Monterey Bay Charter 2011

Hi Jim ~ Thank you for providing a safe adventure for all of our kids. They were thrilled with the experience. Thank you, Belle (Isaak's mom).

Channel Islands THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!! for everything the trip was amazing . If you can please tell josh that I'm going to include him in my speech along with the rest of you guys oh and ITS A BEAUTIFUL MORNING bye hope to see you guys again. — Katie Matias

"Most amazing, thank you so much, Spencer had nothing but great things to say. Thank you for the fun, the safety and the adventure of a lifetime for these 8th graders." — Ruby Cohen.

"I had a really awesome time on the trip...thank you so much" — Elizabeth Harrison

Nor Cal Tour Hi Jim -
We had the trip of a lifetime with Go Adventure. . .

From the beginning, it was so easy to work with you. You were flexible, open, and knowledgeable enough to help us put together a trip that exactly fit our needs. Josh and Jen could not have been better leaders for us – they were both caring and professional, but also fun and spontaneous.

Nor Cal Tour Add to this Josh's familiarity with San Francisco (including where to make a quick stop to get the leaders the best cup of coffee in the area), and you have a perfect trip!

I have such fond memories of those couple of camp counselors from my youth who led through playfulness, enthusiasm, and love for kids, and I am so glad that my students will carry their memories of Josh and Jen in the same way. What a gift

Sincerely – Kim Hussey-Ross
Linden Waldorf School, Nashville, Tennesee

Bay Area Seattle Waldorf "Hurray!...
We had such a blast and I am in the process of forwarding all your info to the next year's 8th grade teacher at our sister school, Seattle Waldorf.
You guys are a class outfit and we all couldn't be more positive about our experience."

Skye Chamberlain
8th grade teacher, Brightwater Waldorf School
Seattle, WA
Monterey Charter School Death Valley Monterey Bay Charter

Sunridge Charter School Trip - Klamath River Adventure
Jim and Lindsay,
Serena loved going on this trip. She connected so well with everyone, especially Lindsay. This was quite a big deal for her.
Thank you for all your hard work.
– Nedra and Jim.
Costa Rica Eco Tour Testimonial
Hello Jim – I wanted to send you a note with recognition of Somer and the tremendous job she did with our kids and the group. This was a great trip for our students and for the adults that were able to chaperone. The interesting thing was, that neither myself or Jen (the other parent chaperone) or Rochelle, really had to do much if anything really but to enjoy the experience. Class trips (though not abroad) have been something this class has had the opportunity to do in some regard each year. Those trips though have been chaperoned and planned, "guided" and managed by Miss Hildreth and the parent chaperones. So with this trip there was a certain anticipation and expectation that we would be doing similar things with the kids, even though we knew this trip was well planned with activities and accommodations, as well as guides/leaders by Go Adventures.
Somer very quickly adjusted and engaged with the children (and the adults that were along) to help the kids to become participants with her in the experience, and they quickly felt a comfort and comradery with Somer, to the point where the adults truly slipped into the background and gave way to the kids and Somer to participate and enjoy the whole experience.
Somer did a great job of taking opportunities to find one to one time with the kids and to quickly build a strong rapport. As a parent, chaperone, observer, I can tell you that she became a part of the "class" and a trusted member of the group.

Having the unique perspective of being a manager in a sales/service organization, with my entire work experience to date being in client/customer, service, and team building roles, I can assure you that Somer is in a very elite and treasured group of valued people with an ability to give of herself and share in the guidance and growth of others in a very positive and powerful way. Somer, thank you sincerely for the experience and life moment that you provided to my daughter, Siena, to her classmates, and for myself and the other adults who were along.
Kind regards, Jaye R. Crist
Regional Manager ---- Account Management
R R Donnelley - Global Investment Markets
Donovan had such an incredible learning experience in the two trips he took in back-to-back years with Lifeschool–the first to Oregon/Cascades, the second with you to Hawaii. But he's 18 and ready to graduate now, the Channel League Breaststroke Champion! He's also back to competing on the WSA surf tour, and will be starting a two-year Automotives program at Ventura college in the Fall. Suffice it to say, you and your organization helped him grow tremendously, become more self-reliant, appreciate nature and other kids with struggles. He will never forget his experiences. Life goes on... and he's moving on. Maybe one day he'll call you and ask to be a counselor? Who knows.
I thank you from a very strong place in my heart for what you've done and are continuing to do...
John Whelpley

"Well, Kayemarie is in her last year of high school . . . It keeps coming up, to me, what a difference your program made for K'marie– how much she experienced her own sense of competency as a result of her trips with you and your crew. She's moved away from backpacking for now, but not from her comfort with adventure…Anyway, I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have been in her life.

Also, not that it will make a difference soon, but want you to know I've made a mention of Lifeschool in my will." – Terriann Tomlin, March 2009


Hi! This is Kokoro(^-^)*
I took some photos at Yosemite,so please see them?

Kokoro Suda
Sakura, Chiba, Japan

Thanks to you, Tiffany, and Matt for leading an incredible trip through Yosemite.

Ilana had a wonderful adventure, said it was the most difficult of her four LifeSchool trips and was really taken by the beauty of Yosemite. She'd been there a couple of times before but didn't really remember it very well.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to Ilana. She just loves the wilderness and we've tried hard to instill in our children a love of nature and a sense of environmental stewardship.

Kathy Crankshaw(Ilana'a mother)
August 16th, 2008

Your program has been by far the best and easiest to work with in all the years I have been with this school (14 yrs!) My daughter had such a fabulous experience on this trip. She loved the leaders, all the activities and everything. I do hope that all our 8th grades decide to use your program from now on.

Thank you,
Krissa T Connelley
Office Manager
Yuba River Charter School

"I was very happy how the trip went!

The kids and I had a fantastic and memorable time and were very pleased with both Nico and Somer. I did not receive a evaluation form and would be happy to fill one out on both Nico and Somer and on Lifeschool as well . . .

Thanks again for a great trip and I will surely be promoting your program for other classes and kids. Thanks."

Casey Ryan, 6th grade teacher, June 2008, Spring Hill Elementary School   

Hi Guys,

Wyatt had an awesome time on the just completed Miller Creek Middle School Death Valley guys gave Wyatt a great experience, thanks again.

Richard Gross


"Jim Nevill, director of Go Adventure, runs excellent outdoor adventure trips for teens. The program brings students back to nature, helping them learn many skills, including leadership, risk management and environmental awareness, while giving them a wholesome great time with excellent leaders. The students I send on his trips and their parents all have only the best things to say about Go Adventure."

Judy Wiesen
Director, Student Camp and Trip Advisors
San Rafael, CA

Hi Jim & Lifeschool,

I can't wait to write up my evaluation of Lindsay and Osha's leadership on our trip last week--they were awesome, and we all worked so well as a team for our kids. I'm looking forward to their (follow-up) visit on Thursday, and I know the kids will benefit from this . . .

Thanks for everything. If I had a teenager, I would SO be sending her on a weeklong trip with you guys this summer. I definitely felt empowered by the whole experience, so I know it's huge for these kids.

– Southey Lewy
8th Grade Teacher
Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley
Petaluma, CA
May 2007

Hi Lifeschool,

[This summer]"the boys" are planning to go to Pt. Reyes for a couple of days on their own. I attribute their enthusiasm to the 4 years of Lifeschool trips. I always encourage parents to check out your program and thank you for providing such a wonderful experience over the years.

Good luck and keep up the good work! It really makes a difference in the kids lives.

– Peggy Tourje
Sebastopol, CA
May 2007

"Timing our hikes on the Lost Coast to pass points at low tide taught me how to be organized and plan ahead." "

– Gabe, age 17 (Lost Coast 2006)

"My son, Mason, had a great time on the Miller Creek Middle School Death Valley trip of 4/5 - 4/11 2007. He had so many nice things to say about the staff. He was really impressed by their humor, their competence, their cooking (particularly a counselor named Sarah!) their knowledge and their outgoing demeanor in general. He told lots of stories about the trip and almost all of them involved the counselors - so it is obvious that they really worked hard to make the trip special for the kids. It was great to hear about the trip and he didn't have a negative comment to make. For my part, thanks so much for the loan of so many objects we couldn't buy - and for the great organization and communication as preparations for the trip coalesced. I am so glad that Mason had such a wonderful trip and many thanks to all those whose hard work made it a reality. Thank you, "

Claire McDowell

"The Lifeschool trip changed my vision as a teacher. Through watching my students interact with nature and one another in a real way, I saw skills, talents and strengths and leaders emerge from students who tend to be silent observers in the classroom setting. I witnessed social barriers disappear. It was beautiful to watch them be stress-free in a natural and safe environment. Our class is a much tighter and safer community now. We understand and respect one another and ourselves in a whole new way since our experience with Lifeschool at Point Reyes National Seashore. Thank you."

Nikki Thomas
6th Grade Teacher
Brook Haven Middle School
Sebastopol, CA

"Lifeschool made me feel safe learning and living outside my house." – Nick D
"I know when I'm old I will forget many of my childhood memories. Lifeschool is one I know I will won't forget." –Kristen M
"At home, with all of the supplies you can imagine, I get bored a lot. But out in the wilderness with only the things that I needed, I didn't get bored once.&" – Marissa F
"I learned you only need what you can carry on your back to live." – Audrey F

"Thank you so much for taking Josh with you on your trip. He had such a great time. In addition to the hiking experience he is telling us all about the great games and other activities you did. Thank you for all your effort and your commitment to children. You have definitely made a difference in his life."
– KM, Mom, Rohnert Park
"I wanted to thank you for taking my son Garen along with you on the last trip to the John Muir Wilderness. Garen had a blast and said he met a lot of new friends Garen is a little different since the trip. I really can't put my finger on it except to say he seems a little more mature. I know you probably hear this a lot, maybe not, but he has changed. In a very positive way."
– LH, Dad, Walnut Creek, CA

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