Go Adventure is Lifeschool's flagship program offering highly customized outings for youth, schools or private groups of ten or more people. Outings are available from April 15 thru October 15 each year. Programs are designed from 2 to 31 days in length and can include themes like teambuilding, fun, rite of passage, wilderness navigation, challenge, class bonding, service, reflection – or all the above. We offer three main categories of courses yet hybrid outings that involve multiple components have become very common.


Backpacking Sea Kayaking Surfing Community Service Urban Adventure

Backpacking Sea Kayaking Surfing Snorkel Community Service

Backpacking Sea Kayaking Community Service

Backpacking Community Service

P.O. Box 134 Bodega, CA 94922
phone: 707-876-3071  |  fax: 707-876-3072
email: info@goadventure.org

Lifeschool / Go Adventure is a non-profit organization
Contributions for financial aid scholarships are gladly accepted!